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Review: Fabric 01 By Craig Richards

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210zrrfbv5l_aa_sl160_.jpgCraig Richards is a British tech house DJ that I never heard of before listening to this CD, I’m sorry to say; but he kicks off this new series by Fabric, a famed dance club in London, England. Unfortunately, I came to this series a bit late (Fabric has well over 30 releases to date, and an equal number of their other series, Fabriclive). Like many of my musical choices, I accidentally stumbled up on it. How, I don’t remember, nor does it matter.

Fabric 01 is a progressive mix of richly-layered, dubbed and filtered techno and house, with minimal vocals, seamlessly blended together. Filled with deep atmospherics, it puts you in the mood to dance the night away. It’s also well-suited as a sort of after party aperitif-listening to it while going home, or lounging around with your friends, waiting for the sun to rise. Since I don’t go to clubs anymore, or lounge around with friends, I listened to the entire CD in my car while driving to and from work. It’s very relaxing and a great way to get rid of the stress. I often find myself gently bobbing my head back and forth.

The selection of tracks on this CD is, for the most part, a mix bag; but my favorite tracks are Dubby Disco by Antonelli Electr. and Wavescape by Silicon Jazz. They are most danceable tunes of the set, with complex layers and a driving beat that just seems to get faster and faster with every passing second. It may be an illusion on may part, and it may not, but it’s all bliss.


  1. Gemini – At That CafĂ©
  2. Cpen – Pirate’s Life
  3. Antonelli Electr. – Dubby Disco
  4. Dub-Tech Soundsystem – Sugar Rush
  5. Jamie Anderson – Montage
  6. SCSI-9 – Cozmoport
  7. SCSI-9 – Cologne
  8. Lo-Kee – Sinners
  9. Ernst Viebeg – Nightlife
  10. Bushwacka! – Bluntski
  11. Swag – Drum Hydraulics
  12. Roman IV – (14x7x4)
  13. Wavescape – Silicon Jazz
  14. Terry Francis – Took From Me
  15. Helmet – Early Riser
  16. Schatrax – Mispent Years
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December 12th, 2007 at 8:40 pm

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