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DVD Review: Wall Street Warriors: Season 1

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Wall Street Warriors is a good attempt at a good idea, but ultimately fails in its goal: to provide an insider’s glimpse into those warriors who live or die on Wall Street. A product of MOJO HD, a high-definition men’s channel, it profiles a slew of financial professionals over six half-hour episodes, and therein lies its flaw.

We have a hedge fund manager, an analyst, day trader, portfolio manager, and an upstart. You can already see the problem. A half-hour (including commercials) is hardly enough time to explore the personalities let alone what they do for a living. And some characters get more time than others. Timothy Sykes, the upstart, who manages a micro hedge fund from his apartment, seems to get the lion’s share of the attention. And I can see why: he’s young, ambitious, enthusiastic, charismatic, and very lovable, although a bit obnoxious at times. The analyst, on the other hand, gets five minutes, and by series end completely disappears from view. And the portfolio manager is often identified as a hedge fund manager, which will lead to confusion, since there is another hedge fund manager already being profiled

Not to say this series is a complete lost; it’s still interesting in many ways; and the bonus material on the DVD makes up for some of the deficiencies. Rent it from Netflix.

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January 15th, 2008 at 11:35 am

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