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Pakistan To Get Aid To Fight Terrorism: Here We Go Again

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With the restoration of ‘democracy’ in Pakistan, the United States will reopen the aid spigot:

President George W. Bush has cleared the way for giving millions of dollars to Pakistan to fight terrorism this year, the White House said as a new government took power in Islamabad.

In a memo to the secretary of state dated Monday, Bush used his authority to exempt Pakistan from a law that restricts funding countries where the legitimate head of state was deposed by a military coup, as in Pakistan.

The waiver, which Bush has approved every year since 2003, opens the way for the United States to provide about 300 million dollars this year to key “war on terror” ally Pakistan to boost its counter-terrorism operations.

It’s not like the $10 billion given since 2001 hasn’t been put to good use or anything, so why not another $300 million, a drop in the bucket for President Bush. The returns have been spectacular after all. Let the Chinese build Pakistan’s infrastructure and profit from it while the United States takes taxpayer money and sets fire to it.

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Written by niraj

April 11th, 2008 at 3:17 pm

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