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Theodore Roosevelt Gets Taste of War

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Currently finishing Edmund Morris’s brilliant The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt. We find Roosevelt helping to liberate Cuba from Spanish colonial rule and place it under the benign guidance of United States, which considered the Americas ‘its’ backyard.

The truth of the matter, if we must be frank, is that Roosevelt is a man of action. He successfully tamed almost every challenge in his life: politics, literature, Indians and wild game in the badlands of Dakotas. But the one thing that he wanted more than anything else was to be a soldier, leading men from the front.

This he did with abandon and achieved the victory he craved. But after charging up San Juan Hill and capturing Spanish positions, he had his fill of war and wanted no more. His thirst for military glory was sated. Morris writes:

“With fulfillment came purgation. Bellicose poisons had been breeding in him since infancy. During recent years the strain had grown virulent, clouding his mind and souring the natural sweetness of his temperament. But last he had had his bloodletting. He had fought a war and killed a man. He had “driven the Spaniard from the New World.” Theodore Roosevelt was at last, incongruously but wholeheartedly, a man of peace.”

Do read the book if you get the chance, it will well worth your time.

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