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A Word From a Chinese Tout

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S.M. Hali is an “analyst and journalist” who appears frequently in electronic media and pens columns in various publications, mostly in Pakistan. I’ve been reading his “analysis” for several years now and when it comes to China, he’s less of an analyst and more of a cheerleader. China never had a bigger public relations promoter than Mr. Hali, who, it seems, is more Chinese than the Chinese.

Nevertheless, it was Mr. Hali’s column in the on the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress that makes him gush like a fan boy, going as far as to call China a ‘democracy!’

The Occident does not appreciate the intricacies of Chinese democracy as it perceives it from the prism of its own system like that followed by the US or the Westminster. China has adapted a style of governance and democratic rule, which is more suitable to its people and is flexible in accordance with changing times. 2,280 delegates including 24.2 per cent women and 11.5 per cent minority delegates, chosen from a group of nearly 89 million party members across the nation are attending the 19th CPC National Congress, making it all pervasive. The opinions of more than 4,700 people, including delegates to the party’s 18th National Congress and newly-elected delegates to its 19th National Congress, have been solicited on the draft report, which has been submitted to the current Congress. If that is not democracy then what else is?

It’s clearly obvious Mr. Hali doesn’t know what democracy is. He’s equating democratic centralism, practiced by Marxist-Leninist parties like the Communist Party of China, with democracy, which are two different things. Not that this distinction matters to Mr. Hali, who is an unalloyed supporter of China in all things. You’d be hard-pressed to find him write anything critical about China in all his years as an “analyst and journalist.”

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October 23rd, 2017 at 10:29 am

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