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Jessica Jones: Season Two

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Jessica Jones returns for a second season and enters a world that is darker and grittier than the first. Jessica’s ability to alienate friends and foes alike remains fully intact; and  continues to self-medicate through alcohol. Jessica continues her pursuit of getting to the bottom of IGH, what they did to her and others like her. In tow is her friend/sister Trish Taylor, who shares Jessica’s zeal and uses her platform as a prominent radio personality to find victims. Unfortunately, for them, they end up dead, as do the scientists. Who’s killing them leads Jessica to directly confront a ghost from her past.

One thing about the second season I would like to touch on is that it’s more female-centric. Women are front-and-center. Both Trish Taylor and Jeri Hogarth (Jessica’s lawyer and sometimes employer) have bigger roles this time around and it’s well worth it. Both rise to the occasion character-wise: Trish wanting to be the hero while Jeri just wants what she rightly deserves and doing anything to get it. The men, on the other hand, are pushed to the periphery.

Executive producer Melissa Rosenberg took the extra step of having all the episodes directed by women. There is nothing wrong with this approach, in my opinion. Given Hollywood gross maltreatment of female talent, this is a welcome development. Plus, we are at peak television, so having shows that are female-centric will not upset the gender applecart one iota. There will always be plenty of shows for men, with men, and by men.

Jessica Jones might have superpowers and is a total badass, but she’s still human: no wilting wallflower, no weakling, but deeply flawed. This is what makes the show so compelling.

I’ve talk about Jessica Jones in an earlier post.

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May 14th, 2018 at 3:59 pm

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