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Lucifer: A Failure of a Good Idea

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Lucifer has been cancelled by FOX. Tom Ellis, who plays the lead character in the show, writes:

Much as I enjoyed a show about the Devil running loose in modern day Los Angeles, I’m not surprised it was cancelled after only three seasons. Lucifer was boring. It’s no surprise it lost viewers with its shoddy writing, unimaginative story lines, insipid characters, and lame performances. It’s cancellation was an act of mercy.

The first two seasons of Lucifer were fantastic: dark, moody, and hilariously funny. But for some reason the third season became, well, just mundane. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the problems are but they were manifold. For one, the character Charlotte Richards, played with such evil relish in season two, was an outright dullard in season three. And I find the characters of Ella, Linda, and Dan not only superfluous but uninteresting. Or was it the fact that a show about the devil became nothing more than a lame police procedural whose script were written by film school rejects? It was just awful.

Nevertheless, watching the final episode was bittersweet. The show had so much potential when it first aired. A show about the devil leaving hell and living among mortals was an intriguing idea the show failed to explore to the fullest, but instead reduced itself to the vast wasteland that is network television. There’s a #savelucifer movement on Twitter, hoping someone will pick the show up. Not a bad idea, but if someone does takeover, it’s going to need a substantial overhaul. Better yet just reboot the whole damn thing.

UPDATE: Netflix has renewed Lucifer for a fourth season with a ten-episode run starting in May 2019.

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May 18th, 2018 at 4:21 pm

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