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Kindle: Some Limitations

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I’m currently reading Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabiaon my Kindle and have encountered problems and limitations the reading device offers; though not displeasing it’s definitely annoying.

  • Often times I have encountered words that are treated as one when they are clearly suppose to be separate. For example, ‘and less’ reads as ‘andless’, which is not correct. This is due to the publisher’s sloppiness.
  • Since this is a biography, it is littered with footnotes. Accessing footnotes on the Kindle is a chore, as they are listed at the end of the chapter instead of the bottom of the page in the printed book. Kindle does offer a hyperlink, but it doesn’t link to a specific footnote, just the general one. Again this is due more to the publisher’s laziness then anything else.
  • This books contain a plethora of pictures which are just not as clear or vibrant on the Kindle as they are in the book. This is an example of the Kindle’s many limitations. Digital ink is great for words but lousy for pictures.

The technological limitations is an hindrance, but I still love my Kindle, knowing full well the technology will only get better with time.

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July 15th, 2011 at 4:14 pm

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